Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cirque in space

This is interesting:

The Canadian billionaire founder of Cirque du Soleil said on Thursday he would fly into space later this month to show a fairy tale dream can come true -- and would put on a show while there.

Guy Laliberte, 50, known worldwide for his innovative circus shows, said he was taking nine clown noses into orbit to bring the International Space Station's entire crew into another novel performance, to be webcast live on site on October 9.

One of the keys to space exploration's future is making it entertaining (and I don't say this as a complaint); clown shows in orbit, customer-operated rovers on the moon, it's all good.

UPDATE 9/11: Some more on private-sector space in the Economist: "Flying High."

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TAYLOR said...


Wouldn't the key to space exploration's future, as well as the future of any other use of scarce resources, is demonstrating that it's a productive use of those scarce resources in satisfying consumer needs?

Or do we mine metal ore, pump oil, assemble automobiles and build houses because they're entertaining?