Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ron Paul review

Over at New Majority, I review Ron Paul's fatuous anti-Fed book.


Anonymous said...

Yes it was indeed a fatuous review. Thanks for playing.

TAYLOR said...


I've posted my thoughts about your review (too big to fit in this comment box) here:

I invite a response.

TAYLOR said...

Here's a handy link:

Review of Kenneth Silber's Review of Ron Paul's End the Fed

Kenneth Silber said...

My response is that your meta-review is filled with invective (e.g." Try again, Mr. Silber, and this time, read the damn book.") and more importantly says nothing that's not said better by Paul's book to begin with. So I refer you back to my review.

TAYLOR said...


Skim-reading again? The invective doesn't begin until later on, and I don't think the presence of invective negates the presence of saliency either way.

If your review provided a response to the points I raised I wouldn't have felt the need to write it in the first place. Is this your attempt at intellectual honesty?

Do you want to defend your ideas or are you just going to let me huff off assuming I'm right? I promise I'll leave the invective for another time should you change your mind.

I didn't raise even ONE challenging counter-point? Geez, what a waste of my time, I'm obviously not as smart as I think...

Anonymous said...

I smell fear.