Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sullivan attacks

Speaking of Andrew Sullivan, he has a remarkable capacity to feel, or at least feign, intense outrage at things that upon examination are not particularly outrageous:
[Sullivan:] As the campaign goes on, the more you see who she is. The polling has not damaged Obama as she hoped, so she will now make Rove's and Hannity's strategy hers:
"He would not have been my pastor," Clinton said. "You don't choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend."
[Sullivan:] I'm not a Democrat and I know how vile the Clintons are. But this really is a new low. I think it is becoming a national imperative to defeat the Clintons.
Me: What specifically did Clinton say there that Sullivan finds vile? Should she have said "Yes, I wish I had a pastor like that"? or "It's not like you can choose what church to attend"? Or is the whole subject absolutely off-limits?

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