Friday, March 21, 2008

Anti-McCain ignorance

After calling John McCain a “liberal fascist,” John Tabin at The American Spectator adds this parenthetical:
(Possible good news: McCain has praised free markets in the course of this campaign -- for the first time in his political career, according to McCain biographer Matt Welch.)
I don’t know if this grotesquely erroneous characterization accurately reflects anything in Welch’s book, which I haven’t read, and therefore can’t say if Tabin’s abysmal ignorance is proprietary or secondhand. As for free markets, McCain has not only praised but voted for them many times, as this long-term evaluation at the Cato Institute’s “Free Markets, Free Trade: Rating the Congress” site attests.

And here, by the way, is McCain praising the "core value" that is "free markets" in a 1999 speech.

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