Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Don't watch

I'm working at home today, and this post by Megan McArdle just reminded me I should keep the TV off. Not looking at political blogs would probably be a good idea, too.

UPDATE: OK, I watched some of it. And while I'm pleased to see Spitzer gone, Albany will remain plenty dysfunctional without him. I wrote about the NY State Legislature's political culture 13 years ago, and not very much has changed.

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Michael Battaglia said...

Great piece on NY State's dysfunctional and corrupt state government. Albany is run more like a two-party variation of the Soviet Union's central committee and politboro.

Spitzer's resignation may be the perfect time for you to update this article (as you point out, although it is 13 years old, it wouldn't take much) and get it out there again. It's too bad the next referendum isn't until 2017.

Who knows? Maybe it help will inspire Mayor Bloomberg to run for governor as an independent, and as a constitutional reformer who can stand up to the Silver/Bruno axis.