Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clinton Road song

Ever since I first wrote about Clinton Road of West Milford, NJ, this blog has received a steady influx of visitors seeking information about the mysterious thoroughfare. Given such public interest, I have written a song about the subject.


The hellhounds are running.
The hellhounds are running
On Clinton Road.

A two-lane highway
Surrounded by parkland
And public utility land.
It is isolated,
So isolated
That stories of ghosts
And witches abound.

There is a pond
Where the ghost of a boy
Will rise up to warn you
Not to drown
Like he did.

If a tree falls
In front of your car,
Go back!
For another tree
Will soon fall
Behind to trap you.

An old iron smelter
Is a witch’s tower
And demonic rituals
Are performed in there.

Do powerful forces
Rule on this asphalt?
Or do bored local teenagers
Make up these stories?

They say
The hellhounds are running.
The hellhounds are running
On Clinton Road.
Clinton Road,
New Jersey.

Copyright © Kenneth Silber.


summerseason said...

Glad to see you finally introduced it to the world!

Anonymous said...

wow man. that made my stomach hurt. between that song and your cunt haircut you should get fucking aids shot in your ass by a burly gay man. i hate you. how could you actually think that was good enough to post? it must be all the come in your system rotting your brain. anyway, keep writing.

andy garcia (star of gf3, oceans 11)

Kenneth Silber said...

Thanks for the feedback, Andy.