Saturday, September 21, 2013

Irresponsibility news

Here's an amazing--or sadly, perhaps not all that amazing--story as described at Overlawyered:
Over Labor Day weekend, hundreds of teenagers held an illegal party in the upstate New York home of former NFL star Brian Holloway. They left a wide swath of photos on social media, and Holloway put up a website identifying more than 100 of the 300 partiers. “But rather than apologize to Holloway for their children’s behavior, some parents have contacted their lawyers to see what legal action they can take” against him.
Me: Not only that but Holloway invited the kids, and their parents, to a picnic at his house, where they would join him in cleaning up the place as a way of setting a good example. How many showed up? One.

I spend a considerable amount of time in the Capital region, but hadn't noticed this story on the local news. I hope that any legal action going forward will involve Holloway rolling over these people.

Sometimes I remember my offbeat idea, from a totally different context, of a "Responsibility Movement" and think it was actually a pretty good one.

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