Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Robocall defense

Here's something that might help shield against that annoying call that opens with a blaring foghorn and voice saying "This is your captain speaking" and then tries to sell a cruise or something: "FTC Announces Winners of Robocall Contest," in which the government gives a $50,000 prize for blocking technology. Here's more:


Ray Haupt said...

This certainly would be an interesting and useful innovation if it ever moves forward. But why a $50,000 prize for innovation from the government? If such technology were made available it would sell like hotcakes. It is a bit ironic that the government has offered a prize for this blocking technology when politicians have written themselves out of the law in terms of robo-call blocking.

Furthermore, the FTC has rules and regulations about robo-calls and had introduced the Do Not Call list some years ago. How is enforcement going on that matter? I routinely get robo calls from various "credit card services" and from various electricity providers with whom none do I have a relationship. Surely the FTC and the telephone companies can trace these calls to their source ... we know they can.

Kenneth Silber said...

Yes. Milton Friedman liked to point out that the government often works at cross-purposes--subsidizing sugar while advising people to eat less of it, etc. I do see some value in govt giving out awards for innovations, though it's a clearer case if the projects have big up-front expenses, like missions to Mars.