Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keeping tabs on space

Some space-related items:

-- There's a magazine called Space Quarterly. I didn't know this, even though I see it's been in existence a couple of years. Granted, that's partly a reflection on my attention to things extraterrestrial not being quite as focused as it was at some times past, but I think it also reflects that space these days just isn't getting the degree of attention it deserves. Maybe it's time for a space comeback.

-- "Not About Chechens: Future of U.S. Space Policy." Kudos to the Council on Foreign Relations for recognizing there are important issues to discuss "up there."

-- "Hubble Dreams: 1946 Paper Promoted Powerful Space Telescope." A notable example of big-picture, long-term thinking working out well.

-- "Bolden's Response to Late JWST Instruments: That's News to Me." Considerably less inspiring.

I've been thinking lately about the future of this blog. Quicksilber has, I think fair to say, a rather small group of regular readers, in most or all cases being people I know personally. Then it has gently lapping waves of traffic, as random visitors come in looking for particular, perhaps eccentric, topics, such as "Clinton Road New Jersey" or "five spiral crash." Then there are occasional big spikes in traffic, typically because someone with a major venue sends people my way.

This comes to mind in connection with the space links above in that I could imagine trying to keep some tabs on space as a purpose that this blog might undertake more regularly in the future. However, suffice it to say I have a broad range of interests and an open mind as to what Quicksilber's emphasis and purpose might come to be as the Earth undertakes its next few orbits around the sun.

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