Saturday, April 14, 2012

Philadelphia talk [rescheduled]

Very early notice: I'm slated to speak at the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking on Sept. 15 Nov. 17 on the (provisionally titled) topic "Politics vs. Science." This will be a chance to discuss the political climate for science programs and how attitudes toward science vary across the political spectrum. Some of my relatively recent writings on relevant topics include:

"David's Book Club: The Republican Brain": Review of Chris Mooney's book at David Frum's Daily Beast blog.
"Reply to Mooney." More on the above.
"How the GOP Should Explain Climate Change."
"Ron Paul's Spaced Out Plan."
"NASA's New Rocket Won't Reach New Frontiers."
"Can Conservatives and Scientists Get Along?"
"Don't Surrender Our Telescope Advantage."
"NASA's Budget Grounds Space Probes."
"Paul Plays Politics with Physics."
"Why Scientists Hate Republicans."

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