Sunday, December 19, 2010

Three years of blogging

Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of QuickSilber, a blog that's covered topics ranging from pure-strain gold to Clinton Road, from the Royal Bengal tiger to Sarah Palin, from Newt Gingrich to Who Really Wrote the Bible, and sundry other topics often having something to do with politics, economics, history, science or some combo thereof. It's been fun and I intend to continue posting here, while also blogging for FrumForum, writing regular articles for Research magazine, and contributing to various other publications (some listed at the right). I enjoy the spontaneity and timeliness of blogging, and even as I've branched out onto Twitter, I continue to find that non-micro-blogging has a role. Thanks to my co-bloggers Gil Weinreich, Dan McCleary, Dan Summer, Mitch Johnson and Mike Battaglia for their explicit and implicit contributions, and thanks for reading.


Mitch Johnson said...

Thanks Ken for the great blog. I'm a regular reader and occasional contributor, and I find your site both interesting and educational. Here's to a vibrant future for Quicksilber!

Mitch Johnson

Kenneth Silber said...

Thanks, Mitch. May it vibrate like the strings of a fine-tuned Strad.

Gil Weinreich said...

Amen to that, guys!