Monday, March 29, 2010

One more Frum thing

Richard Vigilante has a few choice words on the recent David Frum imbroglio.


Gil Weinreich said...

Richard V. is right on --- 100%.
Those who are appalled at Frum's excommunication don't make a strong case by saying Palin's gotta go. For Buchananite anti-Americanism,fine, but not for a Reaganite gaffe.

Kenneth Silber said...

Palin's Fed comment I cited in the other post is not just a Reaganite gaffe (nor the only example of her falling short on facts). It was also an attempt at pandering to Glenn Beck/Ron Paul conspiracists. Would Reagan have done that?

(Incidentally, Reagan had doubts whether we need a Fed but as long as it existed was strongly committed to its monetary policy independence -- probably more than any other president.)