Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fit for polite company

David Frum explains much of what's wrong with today's anti-intellectual conservatism. Excerpt:

I don’t think of myself as having gone squishy. I think of myself as having grown sober. And my conservative critics? On them, I think the most apt verdict was delivered by Niccolo Macchiavelli, 500 years ago: “This is the tragedy of man. Circumstances change, and he does not.”
Meanwhile, Tunku Varadarajan denounces Frum as a "polite-company conservative" and makes the case for heavy mouth-breathing:

Passionate "extremism" is part of any political debate, and the more of it the better.
Really, Varadarajan? The more extremism the better?

UPDATE 3/25: The American Enterprise Institute has now made a powerful statement supporting Frum's critique of conservative narrowmindedness -- by firing him.

Update 3/25 #2: Matt Welch weighs in on Frum. It's a subject Welch has not been very well-informed about in the past.


Anonymous said...

Welch is merely pointing out Frum's hypocrisy (while also pointing out Frum's authoritarianism in the bargain). He does this by quoting Frum.

What's wrong with this?

Kenneth Silber said...

Is that you, Welch?