Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two cheers for Obama in space

Who's right about Obama's space policy? Those such as Charles Krauthammer and John Vecchione who argue that it's a recipe for decline and stagnation? Or those such as Rand Simberg, Newt Gingrich and Robert Walker who see it as a bold step toward a free-enterprise space future? Certainly, the policy has cut across ideological lines in an interesting way, in that everyone I just mentioned is right-of-center in some way (and I presume there are similar divisions on the left, though I haven't had time to research it). My own view goes more toward the Simberg-Gingrich side, though as I've argued before, I wish there were some indication of a long-term plan to develop energy and other resource production (and property rights) in space.

UPDATE: Taylor Dinerman argues the private sector isn't up to the job. I've had similar concerns, but we need a diversified portfolio of public and private space projects if much of anything is going to happen out there.

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