Saturday, February 13, 2010

Libertarian piety watch

One reason libertarianism isn't more influential is the sheer smugness with which it's so often presented. Here's Matt Welch showing some self-satisfaction:
What I do care about, regardless of who's president, is human freedom and prosperity. And I strongly and consistently suspect that when the government accumulates more power, I and everyone else (except those wielding it) have less of which I seek. Republicans diss libertarians when they're in power, and Democrats diss libertarians when they're in power. Their changing attitudes toward our little (albeit growing) tribe is mildly interesting, but it's about as newsworthy (and painful) as a dog biting a chew toy.
Yes, "human freedom and prosperity" -- how admirable to care about those things. And when Welch says government power means "less of which I seek," what is he even talking about? Power? Or freedom and prosperity? Or is the sentence so noble it doesn't have to make sense?

UPDATE 2/15: A positive plug from a prime practitioner of pompous presumption.

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