Friday, July 10, 2009

Republican scientists: there could be more of them

From a new Pew Research Center survey of scientists:

Only 6 percent of the scientists surveyed were Republicans? If that's reflective of scientists overall, it's a problem for Republicans. But it's also a lost opportunity when you consider that on some issues, Republican views match scientists' preferences pretty well. Consider this table:

If Republicans talked more about nuclear power, particularly as being part of the mix needed to address the possible consequences of the Earth getting warmer, it would be a lot harder to characterize Republicans as the know-nothing party on science. Throw space solar power and algae biodiesel into the mix, and you have the beginnings of a pro-science Republican energy policy.

UPDATE 7/15:
I've got a good deal more on this here.


Gil Weinreich said...

I like scientists. Some of my best friends are scientists. I have dined with physicists and immunoligists. But as a group they, like editors, hair stylists and Metro train operators, are error-prone. They are not a jury of political probity and public virtue.
For every Republican "scientific creationist" there are probably several Democrats who believe in catastrophic man-made global warming. And as the survey referenced in the blog-post shows, a large majority of scientists accept this quasi-religious foolishness. Science may be as broken today as politics seems to be.

Kenneth Silber said...

More on all this here .

Kenneth Silber said...

Now here: