Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greenhouse non-treason

I'm a pro-nuclear power guy, and I've long been a fan of Glenn Reynolds, notwithstanding my recent criticism here. But referring to a lack of pro-nuclear enthusiasm as "greenhouse treason," even with a waffling question mark, is the kind of inflammatory vehemence that will aid Obama's reelection chances, as people conclude he's better than his over-the-top opponents.

UPDATE: I've thought about this some more, and concluded I missed Reynolds' attempted irony, with the "treason" being to the cause of reducing greenhouse gases, rather than to the U.S. Still, I'd keep the word "treason" out of my political commentary, unless it refers to, you know, treason.

UPDATE 2: And, doing a search on "greenhouse treason," I gather the phrase stems from this bit of Krugmanesque nonsense.

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