Friday, February 20, 2009

Evening at Lolita's

The audience at Lolita Bar voted no, the right has not hit bottom yet (i.e., has further to fall), notwithstanding my arguments to the contrary and invocation of Jeff Goldblum dripping glop from his mouth in the movie The Fly to illustrate the "insect politics" (rigid behavior and mindless hostility) that we can and should avoid. I may have more on this debate another time, but right now I've gotten nowhere near the bottom of the work I need to do, including a pile of tax paperwork. (Did I mention that tax simplification is a key opportunity for the right?)

Kudos to my opponent Ryan Sager, who made good arguments, and with whom I agree on a lot of political issues. If I were running for president, I would not choose Ryan as my running mate, since he wouldn't add enough balance to the ticket.

UPDATE: Ryan's take on the evening.

UPDATE: Listen.

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