Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Art debate outcome

The Intelligence Squared debate on whether the art market is less ethical than the stock market was very interesting. However, in my perception, neither side had any knockout punches, so the audience's large shift (from initially being roughly evenly split to having many more saying yes, the art market is less ethical) strikes me as a bit suspect. One wonders if some in the audience pretended to be undecided (David Biello suspected such strategic voting at an earlier debate). I do think a weak point for the no side was when art critic Jerry Saltz scoffed at the idea that the art market could be less ethical than that which has caused the "worst thing in America in 45 years" (or wording to that effect), which is not just overblown but an undue conflation of the stock market with the subprime mortgage and mortgage-backed securities markets.

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