Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sullivanizing Palin

Andrew Sullivan, who has become the pundit I most love to hate, is now in the process of throwing anything and everything he can think of against Sarah Palin. Now he accuses her of being anti-Republican, of all things, by quoting, with no context, Palin via a New Yorker piece:

“the Democrats also preach individual freedoms and individual rights, capitalism, free market, let-it-do-its-thing-best, let people keep as much of their money that they earn as possible."
And Sullivan adds this sneer: "Rush Limbaugh approves of this message?"

But what Palin was saying, in context, is that Democrats in Alaska often share political views that elsewhere are commonly associated with Republicans. Further, she was pointing out that she has been aggressive in countering what she refers to as "the Party machine," meaning the entrenched Republicans in Alaska who feasted on pork and tried to build the Bridge to Nowhere.

Palin's words reflect laudable tendencies -- a willingness to find common ground with the opposing party, and to find fault with particular tendencies in one's own party. That Sullivan, who postures as an equal-opportunity critic of left and right, should criticize her for not mindlessly falling in line with Republican power brokers is pundit-malpractice of a high order.

It will be enjoyable, if and when McCain-Palin wins, to watch smoke come out of Sullivan's ears.

UPDATE 10:05PM: In the hours since I wrote this post, Sullivan has actually gotten worse.

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