Friday, August 15, 2008

JetBlue blues in Terminal 5

Well, I just found a nice JetBlue customer service person in Terminal 5 at JFK. Some of their other personnel (I'm talking about you, Newton) have veered between unfriendly and robotic. Of course, a 7-hour delay due to thunderstorms is not a pleasant experience for anyone. But I do recall the warning given by Philip Fisher, the great investment strategist of growth stocks, that some companies' growth outpaces their management's capabilities. (I'll be publishing more on Fisher in the not-distant future.) If I owned JetBlue stock, I'd be worrying about that right about now. Especially given that the company's had notorious problems in the past with stranding passengers, recently got sued for making a passenger spend a flight on a toilet, and was once known for its founder's goal "to bring humanity back to air travel."

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