Thursday, May 1, 2014

Port Authority infra-scandal

Back in January, I wrote about the Bridgegate scandal that has devoured much of Chris Christie's political cachet, and mentioned this:

I think a lesson conservatives and centrists should be embracing is that big government is a source of the current scandal or possible scandals--for instance, that the bloated Port Authority of NY/NJ lends itself to political pressure and shenanigans. Reforming that rotten institution, and privatizing its functions to the degree possible, is an approach we should be hearing a lot about in the wake of Bridgegate--but sadly few seem to care.
Now,  I'm pleased to note that said indifference is not total, in that Reason (with which I've had plenty of disagreements in recent years) has a piece called "Port Authoritarians" in its May issue that examines the underlying problem of a sprawling, unaccountable bureaucracy. I'm glad that the sober policy wonk side of libertarianism still has some life in it, in contradistinction to the hipster utopian conspiracist side.

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