Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transcendence and indifference

Based on the negative reviews, I suspect I'm not going to see Transcendence until it's available on pay-per-view. And based on its bad box office, I wonder if public interest (whether hopes or fears) in Singularity/transhumanism-type stuff is considerably lower than people who focus on this sort of thing (as I sometimes do) tend to assume. It could just be that this is such a bad movie that people are turned off, but if people really cared about the subject, they might show up anyway. The recent Pew polling results I mentioned recently also suggest that a more-than-human future isn't something for which many people are striving, and perhaps that's because they're not giving it a lot of thought.

Also, to follow up: My review of the Vicious Brothers' Extraterrestrial bucks a trend of negative takes on that film. (Come to think of it, I shouldn't assume Transcendence is terrible without having seen it.)

UPDATE 4/25: The Vicious Brothers speak.

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