Saturday, May 11, 2013

What to read: Phactum

Just received: the May/June/July issue of Phactum, the newsletter of the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking. The newsletter is edited by Quicksilber reader-commentor Ray Haupt, whom I met when speaking to PhACT last year, and covers a fascinating variety of topics. The new issue, I see, deals with matters ranging from the Ape Boy of the Swamps, alleged to live in Philly's Heinz National Wildlife Reserve, to some sea serpent history (as it happens I just watched the excellent movie The Water Horse), to the deplorable connection of "psychic" Sylvia Browne to the Cleveland kidnapping case (I get a shout-out for calling that to Phactum's attention; glad to be of help, Ray).

Phactum's archives are online, but the current issue goes out by email and print first; more info here.

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Ray Haupt said...

Thank you, Ken.

We have no expectations to capture the Ape Boy but it is fun to depart at times from serious topics. We certainly will learn about native flora and fauna, and unfortunately will learn also of invasive speies such as the voracious northern snakehead fish which has been observed at Heinz National Wildlife Reserve. The good news is that otters have been sited at Heinz as well as beaver, both species long extinct around Philadelphia.

Your readers are all welcome to participate in PhACT activities.