Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday variety

While posting is slow here, there's a lot to read elsewhere (of course). For example, there's:

-- An analysis of the feud between pro-defense and small-government tendencies within the GOP, and how with the sequester, the small-government faction is winning. Found via this.

-- A discussion of whether it's worthwhile to be alive at all. One problem I see with such discussions is that we who are reading them are already in the world, not mulling our options from some nether-space. Found via this.

-- On a lighter note, some space travel posters.

UPDATE 10:50AM: One more piece, which I recommend highly: "Paul Ryan vs. the Middle Class," by Josh Barro. A few months ago, I met Dan Doctoroff (we share a hair stylist) and, having a chance to chat about opinion writers, pointed to Barro and Virginia Postrel as particularly strong contributors, who write things that aren't readily predictable or replicable elsewhere.

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