Monday, February 25, 2013

Bergen Record customer service

A note to the Bergen Record: When someone has stopped subscribing, and then receives multiple telemarketing phone calls asking him to restart his subscription--even after politely telling several of those callers that he would like to be removed from the call list--it's probably a sign that the subscription is not going to be renewed, and that the desperate efforts of your newspaper to stay alive are in vain.

UPDATE: We'll see if this works.

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Ray Haupt said...

Good luck with turning off the telephone hucksters. I had registered for the do not call list quite some time ago but I still get plenty of scam calls … many from various “banking” interests alarmed about my credit card status. They are as relentless as they are phony.

In some ways even more annoying is that politicians had written the laws on this matter such that they are immune from restrictions on pest calls … for they are pests and they know it.

I had long ago decided to contribute or buy nothing, no matter how noble the cause may seem, when approached by a cold call by a stranger. Ditto email and even US Mail solicitations when I have no previous association with the cause or caller.