Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few political links

Various items of interest:

--Joel Achenbach on "The Bradbury Space Telescope?" Interesting thoughts on political support for telescopes. Don't miss the embedded NASA Venus video. For a party with a growing reputation for dislike for science, astronomy is an excellent opportunity to prove otherwise.

--Douglas Anthony Cooper on David Frum's Patriots. See my review, as framed by David, here.

--Buzzfeed: "Team Obama Drops the 'Neocon' Bomb," which includes: "The new Obama campaign line: Mitt Romney is basically John Bolton, at least for now." I begin to think left-wing harping about what a right-winger Romney is will end up shoring up his conservative base, while conservative complaints about what a centrist he is will end up reassuring the center. Can a politician be that lucky? I suspect so.

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