Saturday, February 5, 2011

Himalayan view

Here are some of the mountains near Everest, taken from a Buddha Air flight in 2009. (This is not the view from my driveway in New Jersey, recent snows notwithstanding.) I was reminded of such scenes by an intriguing show we saw the other week, In Search of Myths and Heroes, looking for a historical basis to Shangri-La. There certainly is plenty of space there for hidden societies.


Françoise said...

Beautiful photography. Top view is heavenly but for the people ? Not sure

(en français : C'est une photographie merveilleuse . Vue d'en haut, c'est paradisiaque mais pour la population ? Je n'en suis pas certaine

Kenneth Silber said...

That's true, Francoise. It's not easy to live in the remote villages ou there.