Monday, January 3, 2011

Denise Silber, chevalier

Heartfelt and proud congratulations to my sister, Denise Silber, who is to be awarded the Legion of Honor -- France's most prestigious civil decoration! This is for her professional work in bringing the Internet and social media to bear on improving health care in France and internationally, under such rubrics as eHealth and Health 2.0. La Légion d'honneur, in which Denise will take on the grade of chevalier, is a distinction not often bestowed on non-French citizens (Denise is a U.S. citizen living in Paris). The announcement is here.


Anonymous said...

Ken, I must say that receiving such an award means nothing without people to share it with. Thank you and all of the wonderful people out there...generously stepping in to say they're glad.

francoise said...

Bonjour Ken
Vous pouvez être très fier de votre soeur Denise, elle mérite amplement tous ses honneurs.

Kenneth Silber said...

Merci, Francoise.