Monday, November 15, 2010

Connect the dots

Three pieces of news:

NASA's Chandra Finds Youngest Nearby Black Hole
"Astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have found evidence of the youngest black hole known to exist in our cosmic neighborhood. The 30-year-old black hole provides a unique opportunity to watch this type of object develop from infancy."

Better Dead Than 'Fed'
"While Paul’s anti-Fed crusade is widely thought of as economic libertarianism, the roots of this combat lie in a theocratic reading of the Bible..."

Information Gained from Comet Hartley Already Written About in the Bible
"Long before the photos of Comet Hartley, the Bible correctly refers to the vents ('mouths') in an active comet's crust, and then correctly tells how these vents can powerfully spew out poisonous gas that can kill men (Revelation 9:17-19)."


What does it all mean? Could it be that 30 years ago, during the Volcker era, a black hole was divinely created to spew out poisonous comets and smite the Federal Reserve if it returned to its inflationary ways?

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