Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4 tugboat memory

I have an entry at FrumForum on "My Most Memorable 4th of July." Excerpt:
On July 4, 1986 I was on a tugboat in New York harbor to see the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty’s centennial restoration. A friend of my father had given the family tickets. The tugboat wove its way around luxury yachts and Navy warships. At one point, the captain informed us that an aircraft carrier had radioed us to keep more distance. At another moment, the tugboat almost backed into a sleek pleasure craft that, according to rumor, served as quarters for the president of France. I recall a uniformed officer of some sort emerging on the deck of that pleasure craft to angrily wave us away.
I'll have more of historical/personal interest at FrumForum soon.

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