Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soylent Green

The chief of child psychiatry where I work is a quirky fellow. Hes a psychiatrist, but is also interested in collecting coffins at antique shops, singing in a choir, and seeing offkilter movies. But I think he maybe onto something especially when it comes to the environment. He was talking about Soylent Green which is made from sea plankton and maybe helpful for the environment. Although it may taste like "nautilus crud" it may be the answer for the ambiguous hole in the ozone layer. You can also read more about it Here

Dan Summer

UPDATE: Or just watch.


summerseason said...

It also comes in different varieties, but green is the best.

Kenneth Silber said...

I hate to tell you thi but Soylent Green is not made from planckton.

It's also one of the earlier movies I ever saw... And I grew up just fine.