Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hamilton reading

Until now, I didn't happen to see my old editor Myron Magnet's excellent article from last winter about Alexander Hamilton. Recommended reading. Here's an excerpt about Hamilton and Adams:
All this dirty linen Hamilton aired in his pamphlet, going on to argue that Adams had “great and intrinsic defects in his character, which unfit him for the office of Chief Magistrate,” including “a vanity without bounds, and a jealousy capable of discoloring every object.” His “ungovernable temper” makes him “liable to paroxisms of anger, which deprive him of self-command” (to the point, Jefferson recalled, of his “dashing and trampling his wig on the floor”).
Reminds me just a bit of my own relationship with Lou Dobbs. And here's my piece on Hamilton.

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