Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Debating Obamanomics

This scheduled Intelligence Squared debate is noteworthy:

Monday, November 16, 2009
Obama's economic policies are working effectively

Moderator: John Donvan

Speaking for the motion: Eliot Spitzer

Speaking against the motion: James Galbraith, Keith Hennessey and Robert Kuttner

Position TBD: Bill Bradley and Paul O'Neill

I note:

1. The only current supporter of the motion is one of the most radioactive politicians in America.
2. The opponents, it seems, will be attacking Obamanomics largely from the left (2/3 of them).
3. By waiting to decide what their position is, Bradley and O'Neill may hope to be seen as fair-minded empiricists, but Bradley has a reputation for high-minded indecisiveness, and O'Neill for flaky erraticism, none of which will be alleviated by the TBD stance.
UPDATE: I recall that President Jimmy Carter's political decline occurred not just because the country became more conservative in reaction to him (as it did) but also because those to his left, such as Edward Kennedy, grew impatient with what they saw as his half-measures. The same may be happening now. On the other hand, Michael Moore says it's all a brilliant head fake.

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