Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More libertarian disputations

I found a great deal to disagree with from all three participants in this PJTV discussion about libertarianism. I disagreed with Katherine Mangu-Ward's encapsulation of libertarianism as "sex, drugs and property rights" (do you have to love drugs or is it enough to dislike drug laws? And what exactly is the position on sex?); Will Wilkinson's statement that the most important libertarian issue is peace (does it matter what kind of peace it is or how it's attained?): and Todd Seavey's inclination toward anarchocapitalism and seeming lack of interest in even the possibility that some functions of government may be necessary (and that anarchism may be what's kept libertarianism in its marginal condition thus far). But I recommend the segment for people who are interested in this kind of thing, which is, I suspect, not that many people.


Stefan Molyneux, MA said...

Hey Ken, have you checked out Freedomain Radio yet?

Kenneth Silber said...

Looks interesting, Stefan. Cheers.