Friday, June 20, 2008

Old Right news

Recommended reading: Christopher Hitchens on Patrick Buchanan on World War II. Excerpt:
Winston Churchill may well have been on the wrong side about India, about the gold standard, about the rights of labor and many other things, and he may have had a lust for war, but we may also be grateful that there was one politician in the 1930s who found it intolerable even to breathe the same air, or share the same continent or planet, as the Nazis. (Buchanan of course makes plain that he rather sympathizes with Churchill about the colonies, and quarrels only with his "finest hour." This is grotesque.) As he closes his argument, Buchanan again refuses to disguise his allegiance. "Though derided as isolationists," he writes, "the America First patriots kept the United States out of the war until six months after Hitler had invaded Russia." If you know anything at all about what happened to the population of those territories in those six months, it is rather hard to be proud that America was neutral. But this is a price that Buchanan is quite willing to pay.
By the way, in case you're wondering why the Lew Rockwell types don't revere Churchill for reinstating the gold standard in Britain, it's because he set it at an incorrect level. Presumably, Ron Paul or some other such technocrat would do better.

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